What is TEKEX?

A no-nonsense group aimed at bringing like minded people in the digital arena together.

There is nothing overly prescriptive with this group other than a passion to accelerate business in Guernsey and Jersey with a digital focus. Our theory is, if one relationship, fundraise or contract is fused by the group that enhances that enterprise, then the goal has been reached.


Who is it for?

"A growing community of founders, leaders, experts, supporters and investors of technology that’s purpose is to be delivered to clients globally”.

Without grants or other public backing, our agenda remains pure, to support the expansion of digital and technology businesses across any sector, our objective to increase deal flow and share knowledge and experience across the islands.

We encourage global tech through relationships, sharing knowledge, making connections with a pay forward philosophy.


We encourage only those vested in our sector to create an authenticate community of Entrepreneurs, Investors, Professionals and their Organisations to help the businesses become successful faster to benefit the community. Whether you're raising capital, looking for talent for your team, or selling your services, we strive to help enable all the connections you'll need to build your company. Ultimately our focus is to drive the global tech trade.

Investable Opportunities

TEKEX will be presenting numerous opportunities, individuals and businesses that are seeking fundraising in many different capacities please contact us for more information on this.

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