TEKEX #11 Agriledger / ESI Monitor


Agriledger / ESI Monitor

Genevieve Leveille

Genevieve gave a fascinating talk on her work in Haiti with the local farmers as a test bed to provide the world standard for agriculture. Using blockchain and IoT devices for tracking, processing and business decision making ensuring, measurement and traceability through the journey from plant to consumer resulting in a better product and enhanced earning for the farmers/growers. All smart contract based using the Corda blockchain.

The result of her work will see an improved product providing greater value to the consumer and the farmer. Genevieve already has other countries following her work and looking to replicate the process once proven.

Marc Laine

Marc gave an inspired talk on why he set the non profit business up, funded from his own pocket and the value he hopes it will bring to the channel Islands. He will launch with 20 Guernsey companies scored next month.

ESIM Ratings enhance your business or organisations performance, profitability, sustainability and demonstrates to an ever-increasing number of motivated people that your organisation is worthy of long-term support.

Monitoring provides you with quarterly data on you position in your industry, allows for listing of industry contributions to promote your sector. Clients, staff, governments, institutions, regulators and stakeholders will be able to select and reward your organisation over that of your competitors through having benchmarked, recognised and audited social and environmental performance accreditation listed with ESI Monitor.

Collectively, as more and more businesses are rated in the islands, together we will add substance to our Green Finance and greener economy aspirations securing a greater slice of these global markets, sustaining our economic performance and developing new market specialisations.