• Introduction and update from Ben Lewis on rebranded Flaze - formally Infrstream - www.flaze.com
  • "Finding better products when shopping online – for people and the planet"David Henry // JoinBeagle.com
    73% of people want to shop more sustainably, but they struggle to find better products and to make lasting changes to their routines. We’ve launched a tool to provide recommendations for more sustainable products and services when it matters, when people are browsing online.
  • "How well does your organisation murmurate?"Perrin Carey // www.govindicia.com
    The beauty of starlings murmurating is spell-binding, their unity, synchronicity and collective behaviour is truly magnificent. Each decision made, communicated, implemented, with a simple set of values, with a singularity of purpose; all acting as one.What if organisations could be like that? Clear on purpose and meaning, defined by key powerful values, which are lived by everyone every day. Where decision-making is transparent, founded on valid information and implemented clearly. Where people are rewarded for challenge and openness, as well as failure. It’s possible, you just have to begin.Governance is simply how well the humans within your organisation murmurate collectively. GOVindicia™ uses evidence-based practice, interdisciplinary research methodologies and governance expertise, to measure and enhance organisational performance as well as ensure better compliance outcomes.
  • Joel Mills - Offshore Simulators and Jersey's Digital Twin - www.osc.no - OSC SANDBOX - An integrated product of Planning tool, 4D Record playback, Digital twin, AR analysis and Prediction [email protected] for speaking opportunities.