The positive outcomes of COVID


BC19, before Covid-19 companies digital transformation programs were planned over many months and executed often over years, but the pandemic compressed time scales of initiatives to a matter of weeks if not days. This required an agile approach to change, reallocating digital talent among business units, working through unknowns daily as they emerged driving immediate decision making and reallocating budgets daily if needed to realign priorities.  This also required a different approach to risk to achieve an immediate and compelling objective.   As we move towards the new normal companies can look to their own examples and work to adapt to change more rapidly beyond the crisis.  Business leaders must commit to not going back to the old models, maintaining the sense of urgency, as the art of the possible has demonstrated, can be a source of competitive advantage for those companies that are able to continue to evolve at pace. Small nimble teams have delivered with alacrity during the pandemic whilst making important decisions faster and often more accurately. Covid has accelerated the shift to digital but the best companies are going beyond this, using data analytics joining new data sources and combining that with insights from numerous sources they are making better decisions and strengthening their bonds to clients whilst attracting new business.