PARENT SENSE FEATURES: DAILY – A bespoke routine for your baby for 24 hours, including sleeping and feeding times and what to feed (if on solids). This bespoke routine is adjusted based on the time your baby wakes in the morning, whether breastfed, bottle-fed or on solids. Daily recipes and meal plans are also provided   

WEEKLY – Know the appropriate ‘Awake time’ between day sleeps for your baby. How much and when to feed your baby based on the feeding method (breast, bottle, and solids). Understand what health issues to be aware of at each age. SLEEP – Get your baby sleeping through the night. Based on parenting advice from the Sleep Sense book, you will receive guidelines for awake times and sleep times as well as tips for improving sleep through daytime and bedtime routines. You can track your little one’s sleep cycles daily and get a clear view of changing sleeping habits FEEDS – With our infant feeding tracker and recipe guide, you’ll know when and what to feed your baby. Once your baby starts solids, the app guides you through weaning, based on the bestseller Weaning Sense.Recipes for every meal.What to offer for balanced nutrition.Quantities of milk per feed for each day throughout the year.

HEALTH - Track your baby’s weight and vaccination history. You will receive notifications for upcoming vaccines and weekly health tips on diaper rash, supplements and teething. 

BABY’S DEVELOPMENT - Know what to expect developmentally at each stage,from motor skills and language to emotional milestones. Using our baby weight chart tracker and baby growth tracker, you can track when your baby achieved each milestone. Parent Sense helps take the guesswork out of parenting. 

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